Friday, December 21, 2012

My Endorsement List 2013

This is a comprehensive list of my endorsements in 2013

Endorsed by Ron Paul 

MA Senate Special Election: Daniel Fishman (L)
SC District 1 Special Election: Mark Sanford
VA Governor Election: Ken Cuccinelli
VA Lt. Governor Election: Susan Stimpson
Los Angeles Mayor Election: Kevin James
New York Mayor Election: Carl Person (L) or Kristin Davis (L)
Cabinet positions:
State: Reject (John Kerry)
Defense: Chuck Hagel   
Treasury: Reject (Jack Lew)
Transportation: Kay Hutchison 
WA "Protect the Initiative Act", Initiative 517 (YES) - makes it easier to get an initiative on the ballot

WA Initiative 522 (YES) - mandates labeling of ALL foods containing GMOs
OH Freedom to Marry amendment (YES) - legalizes marriage equality statewide
NY I&R amendment (YES) - allows citizen initiated initiatives and referendums
NY Casino Gambling amendment (YES) - legalizes casinos statewide

U.S. Mayors:
San Jose: Pat Waite (R)