Friday, December 21, 2012

My Endorsement List 2013

This is a comprehensive list of my endorsements in 2013

Endorsed by Ron Paul 

MA Senate Special Election: Daniel Fishman (L)
SC District 1 Special Election: Mark Sanford
VA Governor Election: Ken Cuccinelli
VA Lt. Governor Election: Susan Stimpson
Los Angeles Mayor Election: Kevin James
New York Mayor Election: Carl Person (L) or Kristin Davis (L)
Cabinet positions:
State: Reject (John Kerry)
Defense: Chuck Hagel   
Treasury: Reject (Jack Lew)
Transportation: Kay Hutchison 
WA "Protect the Initiative Act", Initiative 517 (YES) - makes it easier to get an initiative on the ballot

WA Initiative 522 (YES) - mandates labeling of ALL foods containing GMOs
OH Freedom to Marry amendment (YES) - legalizes marriage equality statewide
NY I&R amendment (YES) - allows citizen initiated initiatives and referendums
NY Casino Gambling amendment (YES) - legalizes casinos statewide

U.S. Mayors:
San Jose: Pat Waite (R)

Saturday, November 3, 2012

List of primary endorsements 2008-2012

Most of these candidates were endorsed by Ron Paul, and all the Republicans by Republican Liberty Caucus. 

Ron Paul (US President), Tom Tancredo (US President), Dennis Kucinich (US President), Mike Gravel (US President), Mary Ruwart (US President), Brian Miller (AZ-8-US House), Gregory Nemitz (ID-2-US House), Amit Singh (VA-8-US House), Vern McKinley (VA-10-US House), Linda Goldthorpe (MI-1-US House), David Gay (NY-25-US House), Murray Sabrin (IN-US Senate) Robert Orr (NC-Governor)

Steve Lonegan (NJ-Governor)   

Adam Kokesh (NM-3-US House), R.J. Harris (OK-4-US House), Van Irion (TN-3-US House), Linda Goldthorpe (MI-1-US House), Mike Vasovski (SC-3-US House), Robert Lowry (TX-23-US House), Michael Frisbee (GA-13-US House), Marcy Winograd (CA-36-US House), John N. Hostettler (IN-US Senate), Peter Schiff (CT-US Senate), Clint Didier (WA-US Senate), Jim Bender (NH-US Senate), Chuck DeVore (CA-US Senate), Ray McBerry (GA-Governor), Debra Medina (TX-Governor), Zach Wamp (TN-Governor), Randy Brogdon (OK-Governor)

Ron Paul (US President) (4/2011-6/2012), R. Lee Wrights (US President) (2011-5/2012), Ken Sumsion (UT-Governor), Bob Fanning (MT-Governor), Bill Randles (MO-Governor), Dan Liljenquist (UT-US Senate), Rick Williams (CA-US Senate), Scott D'Amboise (ME-US Senate), Marc Scaringi (PA-US Senate), Zach Poskevich (TN-US-Senate), Wes Riddle (TX-25-US House), Karen Kwiatkowski (VA-6-US House), Richard Mack (TX-21-US House), Delia Lopez (OR-3-US House), Evan Feinberg (PA-18-US House), Dennis Lamare (NH-2-US House), Eric Martin (PA-4-US House), Eli Olson (WA-2-US House), Floyd Bayne (VA-7-US House), George Harper (TX-14-US House), Ike Eichner (WA-6-US House), Jason Greene (MO-5-US House), David Gerson (MN-2-US House), Michael Firsching (IL-13-US House), Jenny Worman (CA-28-US House), John Fitzgerald (CA-11-US House), Patrick Kelly (KY-6-US House), Peter James (MD-6-US House), Weston Wamp (TN-3-US House), Glen Bradley (NC Senate), Dennis Kucinich (OH-9-US House), Dan O'Connor (NY-7-US House), Norman Solomon (CA-2-US House), Ilya Sheyman (IL-10-US House), Eric Griego (NM-1-US House)

Preferred winner of primary:
Sarah Steelman (MO-US Senate), Eric Hovde/Mark Neumann (WI-US Senate), Don Stenberg/Pat Flynn (NE-US Senate), Brian K. Hill (CT-US Senate)

Tuesday, October 23, 2012

List of endorsements 2008-2012

A list of all endorsements I've made during the 2008, 2010 and 2012 election cycles.
Red=Republican, Blue=Democrat, Other=Black (Grey doesn't look good)
Minor party candidates that did not reach 5%, or did not have the "balance of power" (ie, determine the winner in a close race) are not included.

Ralph Nader (US President) lost
Ron Paul (TX-14), Tim Johnson (IL-15), Walter Jones (NC-3), Dennis Kucinich (OH-10), Alan Grayson (FL-8)

Virgil Goode Jr. (VA-5), William "B.J." Lawson (NC-4), Michael Delavar (WA-3), Delia Lopez (OR-3), Richard Matthews (MD-2), Peter James (MD-4), Collins Bailey (MD-5), Michael T. Hargadon (MD-7), George Lilley (CO-1), Mark Mulligan (FL-2), John McCay (MS-4), Bob Conley (SC-US Senate), Robert M. Bird (AK-US Senate), Dave Brownlow (OR-US Senate), CA Proposition 8 (NO) 

Honorable mentions:
Zach Wamp (TN-3), Tom McClintock (CA-4),  Jimmy Duncan (TN-2), Dean Andal (CA-11)

Ron Paul (TX-14), Tim Johnson (IL-15), , Walter Jones (NC-3), Rand Paul (KY-US Senate), Mike Lee (UT-US Senate), Justin Amash (MI-3), Dennis Kucinich (OH-10), Glen Bradley (NC House), Lincoln Chafee (RI-Governor) (36.10%)

William "B.J." Lawson (NC-4), Art Robinson (OR-4), John Dennis (CA-8), John Koster (WA-2), Delia Lopez (OR-3), David Ratowitz (IL-5), Gary Clift (CA-10), Robyn Hamlin (MO-1)Robert Vaughn (CA-38-US House), Joe Miller (AK-US Senate), Alan Grayson (FL-8), Russ Feingold (WI-US Senate)
Tom Tancredo (CO-Governor) (36.43%, 2 of 3), Tom Horner (MN-Governor) (11.94%, 3 of 3), Tim Cahill (MA-Governor) (8.03%, 3 of 3), Eliot Cutler (ME-Governor) (36.36%, 2 of 4), Chris Daggert (NJ-Governor) (5.76%, 3 of 3), Dean Barkley (MN-US Senate) (15.15%, 3 of 3), Jack Davis (NY-26-US House) (9.01%, 3 of 3), Douglas Hoffman (NY-23-US House) (6.07%, 3 of 3), Ed Mishou (TX-27-US House) (5%, 3 of 3), David Christensen (CA-11-US House) (5%, 3 of 3)
B. Thomas Marking (SD-AL-US House) (6%, 3 of 3), Randy Wilkinson (FL-12-US House) (11%, 3 of 3), Mark Vogel (IN-2-US House) (5%, 3 of 3), Steven Wilson (MN-1-US House) (5%, 3 of 3), Jake Towne (PA-15-US House), CA Proposition 19 (YES) 

Honorable mentions:
David Schweikert (AZ-6), Raul Labrador (ID-1), Tom McClintock (CA-4), Jimmy Duncan (TN-2), Roscoe Bartlett (MD-6), Tim Huelskamp (KS-1), Jim DeMint (SC-US Senate), Pat Toomey (PA-US Senate), Nikki Haley (SC-Governor)
Shawn Moody (ME-Governor) lost (5.02%,  4/4) | Kenneth Block (RI-Governor) lost (6.47%, 4/4)

Gary Johnson (US President) lost, 1% 
Justin Amash (MI-2), Thomas Massie (KY-4), Kerry Bentivolio (MI-11), Steve Stockman (TX-36), Walter Jones (NC-3), Ted Yoho (FL-3), Mark Takano (CA-41), Alan Grayson (FL-9), Beto O'Rourke (TX-16), Eric Swalwell (CA-15)

John Dennis (CA-12), Art Robinson (OR-4), John Koster (WA-1), Robyn Hamlin (MO-1), Ron Bemis (WA-7), Kurt Bills (MN-US Senate), Barry Hinckley (RI-US Senate), Michael Baumgartner (WA-US Senate), Kurt Haskell (MI-7), Rob Zerban (WI-1), Jim Graves (MN-6), Steve Royal (NC-Treasurer), Dean Barkley (MN-SC-Position 1), Richard B. Sanders (WA-SC-Position 9)

Minor parties for Congress:
Tisha Casida (CO-3-US House), 3%, R.J. Harris (OK-4-US House), David Pangrac (AR-3-US House) 8%, Ursula Rozum (NY-24-US House), 8%, 3 of 3, Paula Bradshaw (IL-US House), 6%, 3 of 3, Rebekah Kennedy (AR-3-US House) 16%, Bill Bloomfield (CA-33-US House) 53-47, lost., Andrew Horning (IN-US Senate) 6%, 3 of 3, cost Mourdock election. . Dan Cox (MT-US Senate), 6%, 3 of 3, cost Rehberg election, Jonathan Dine (MO-US Senate), 6%, 3 of 3.

CA Proposition 29 (NO), CA Proposition 31 (NO), CA Proposition 36 (YES), CA Proposition 38 (NO), CA Proposition 40 (YES), Colorado Amendment 64 (YES), Washington Initiative 502 (YES), Massachusetts Question 3 (YES), Montana IR-124 (NO), Maine Question 1 (YES), Minnesota Same-Sex Marriage Amendment (NO), Maryland Question 6 (YES), Washington Referendum 74 (YES)

CA Proposition 28 (NO), CA Proposition 30 (NO), CA Proposition 32 (YES), CA Proposition 33 (YES), CA Proposition 34 (YES), CA Proposition 35 (NO), CA Proposition 37 (YES), CA Proposition 39 (NO), Oregon Measure 80 (YES), Massachusetts Question 2 (YES), North Carolina Amendment 1 (NO), Arkansas Issue 5 (YES)

Honorable mentions
David Schweikert (AZ-6), Ted Cruz (TX-US Senate), Walter Jones (NC-3), Raul Labrador (ID-1), Tom McClintock (CA-4), Randy Weber (TX-14), Jimmy Duncan (TN-2), Markwayne Mullin (OK-2), Jared Huffman (CA-2)
Jessica Puente Bradshaw (TX-34), Roscoe Bartlett (MD-6), Gregg Imus (CA-8), Eric Knowles (MD-3), Gary King (LA-1), Wayne Powell (VA-7), Manan Trivedi (PA-6), Michael Williamson (CA-42), Connie Mack IV (FL-US Senate), Denny Rehberg (MT-US Senate), Kevin Wade (DE-US Senate), Richard Tisei (MA-6), Mia Love (UT-4), Carl DeMaio (San Diego Mayor)

Justin Amash (MI-2), Thomas Massie (KY-4), Kerry Bentivolio (MI-11), Steve Stockman – (TX-36), Ted Yoho (FL-3), Mark Takano (CA-41), Alan Grayson (FL-9), Beto O'Rourke (TX-16), Eric Swalwell (CA-15)

Honorable mentions:
David Schweikert (AZ-6), Raul Labrador (ID-1), Tom McClintock (CA-4), Randy Weber (TX-14), Jimmy Duncan (TN-2), Markwayne Mullin (OK-2), Jared Huffman (CA-2)

My Endorsement List 2012

Gary Johnson/Judge James Gray (Libertarian)

Endorsed by Ron Paul

Kurt Bills - Minnesota (Klobuchar's Seat) (State Rep - 1 term) [Seat rating: Lean Democrat]
Barry Hinckley - Rhode Island (Whitehouse's Seat) [Seat rating: Safe Democrat]
Michael Baumgartner - Washington (Cantwell's Seat) [State Sen - 1 term) [Seat rating: Safe Democrat]

Considered: Connie Mack IV (R-FL), Denny Rehberg (R-MT, Ted Cruz (R-TX), Kevin Wade (R-DE)

Others (specified):
LBT=Libertarian, I=Independent, CON=Constitution, G=Green/Mountain
Texas: John Jay Myers (LBT) 
New Jersey: Ken Kaplan (LBT)
Tennessee: Dr. Shaun Crowell (LBT) - on ballot as independent-
Montana: Dan Cox (LBT)
Michigan: Scott Boman (LBT)
Pennsylvania: Rayburn Smith (LBT)
Missouri: Jonathan Dine (LBT)
Connecticut: Paul Passarelli (LBT)
Wisconsin: Joseph Kexel (LBT)
Vermont: Bernie Sanders (I)
Maine: Andrew Ian Dodge (LBT) - on ballot as Liberty -
Nebraska: Russell Anderson (I) - not on ballot -
Florida: Chris Borgia (I)
Mississippi: Thomas Cramer (CON)
Utah: Shaun McCausland (CON)
West Virginia: Mayor Bob Henry Baber (G)
Delaware: Andrew Groff (G)
Wyoming: Joel Otto (LBT) - on ballot as Country -
Ohio: Scott Rupert (I)

U.S. House

The thread that ties together the following candidates is a commitment to the Constitution of the United States, to an anti-war foreign policy (non-interventionist or isolationist) and a belief in personal liberty. Additionally, all of these candidates share a desire to reduce unnecessary spending and fix the debt.
Liberty Republicans:
Definition - A Republican with non-interventionist foreign policy, a civil libertarian and fiscal conservative.

Summary: (listed in order of likelihood of victory)
Ron Paul Coalition: Justin Amash, Thomas Massie, Ted Yoho, Kerry Bentivolio, John Koster, Art Robinson, John Dennis
Liberty Coalition: Raul Labrador, Tom McClintock, David Schweikert, Jimmy Duncan, Walter Jones, Randy Weber, Don Volaric, Roscoe Bartlett, Jessica Puente Bradshaw, Gregg Imus, Eric Knowles, Ron Bemis, Robyn Hamlin

Blue=endorsed by Paul
Ron Paul's Endorsements 2012

Justin Amash - Michigan's 3rd District (District rating: Safe Republican) [Michigan's 2nd District (1 term)]
Thomas Massie - Kentucky's 4th District (District rating: Safe Republican) [County Judge]
Steve Stockman - Texas' 36th District (District rating: Safe Republican) [Texas' 9th District (2 terms)]
Ted Yoho - Florida's 3rd District (District rating: Safe Republican)
Kerry Bentivolio - Michigan's 11th District (District rating: Lean Republican)
John Koster - Washington's 1st District (District rating: Tossup) [WA House (3 terms), Councilman]
Art Robinson - Oregon's 4th District (District rating: Lean Democrat)
Don Volaric - Michigan's 9th District (District rating: Lean Democrat)
John Dennis - California's 12th District (District rating: Safe Democrat)
Ron Bemis* - Washington's 7th District (District rating: Safe Democrat)
Robyn Hamlin - Missouri's 1st District (District rating: Safe Democrat)

Honorable mentions: Raul Labrador (District 1-Idaho), Tom McClintock (District 4-California), Randy Weber (District 14-Texas), Jimmy Duncan (District 2-Tenn) and Walter Jones (District 3-North Carolina), David Schweikert (District 6-Arizona), Markwayne Mullin (District 2-Oklahoma), Jessica Puente Bradshaw (District 34-Texas), Gregg Imus (District 8-California), Roscoe Bartlett (District 6-Maryland), Eric Knowles (District 3-Maryland), Gary King (District 1-Louisiana)

*Bemis is an independent, but ticked "favors the Republican party" in an attempt to unseat McDermott, one of the worst Dems in Washington D.C. 


Progressive Democrats: (no incumbents)
Mark Takano (District 41-California) [District rating: Lean Democrat]
Michael Williamson (District 42-California) [District rating: Safe Republican]
Alan Grayson (District 9-Florida) [District rating: Lean Democrat]
Kurt Haskell (District 7-Michigan) [District rating: Lean Republican]
Beto O'Rourke (District 16-Texas) [District rating: Lean Democrat]
Eric Swalwell (District 15-California) [District rating: Lean Swalwell]
Rob Zerban (District 1-Wisconsin, against Ryan) [District rating: Safe Republican]
Jim Graves (District 6-Minnesota, against Bachmann) (District rating: Tossup)
Jared Huffman (District 2-California) [District rating: Lean Democrat]
Wayne Powell (District 7-Virginia, against Cantor) [District rating: Safe Republican]
Manan Trivedi (District 6-Pennsylvania) [District rating: Lean Republican]

Minor parties and independents:
Tisha Casida (District 3-Colorado, Independent)
R.J. Harris (District 4-Oklahoma, Independent/Libertarian)
David Pangrac (District 3-Arkansas, Libertarian)

Eric Olson (District At Large-North Dakota, Libertarian)
Pat Martin (District 5-Oklahoma, Independent/Modern Whig)
Calen Fretts (District 1-Florida, Libertarian)
Rob Oates (District 1-Idaho, Libertarian)
Michael McDermott (District 3-New York, Libertarian)
Sean Stipe (District 9-Ohio, Libertarian) *running vs Joe the Plumber*
Mike Koffenberger (District 4-Pennsylvania, Libertarian) 
Ursula Rozum (District 24-New York, Green)
Cynthia McKinney (District 4-Georgia, Green) -write in-
Rebekah Kennedy (District 3-Arkansas, Green)
Steven Reynolds (District 1-Oregon, Libertarian/Progressive/Pacific Green)
Bill Bloomfield (District 33-California, Independent)

U.S. Governors:
LBT=Libertarian, I=Independent, CON=Constitution, G=Green/Mountain
Puerto Rico: Luis Fortuno (Pro-Statehood)
Vermont: Cris Ericson (US Marijuana)
Montana: Ronald Vandevander (LBT)
North Dakota: Roland Riemers (LBT) - on ballot as Independent -
Utah: Ken Larsen (LBT)
Delaware: Mark Andrew Perri (G)
Missouri: James Higgins (LBT)
West Virginia: David Moran (LBT)
Indiana: Rupert Boneham (LBT)
North Carolina: Barbara Howe (LBT)
Washington: James A. White (I) - write in -

Supreme Courts:
Washington: Position 9 - Richard B. Sanders (endorsed by Republican/Libertarian parties)
Minnesota: Position 1 - Dean Barkley (former Senator, Minnesota Independence party)

Other offices:
Steve Royal - North Carolina Treasurer (R, Paul supporter)

(parentheses explain what the measure is and what a YES vote means)
Ballot measures:
Prop 28: NO (change term limits)
Prop 29: NO (Increase tax on cigarettes)

California: (5 YES, 5 NO)
RLC=Republican Liberty Caucus
Prop 30: NO (new taxes) [RLC: NO]
Prop 31: NO (Two year budget cycle) [RLC: NO]
Prop 32: YES (Fighting Union/Labor power in CA Politics) [RLC: YES]
Prop 33: YES (Car insurance rates based on previous coverage) [RLC: YES]
Prop 34: YES (to abolish death penalty) [RLC: YES]
Prop 35: NO (to extend prohibition of human trafficking, extremely broad) [RLC: NO]
Prop 36: YES (Reforming the Three Strikes Law, saves $100million/year) [RLC: YES]
Prop 37: YES (Mandatory labeling of genetically-modified foods) [RLC: NO]
Prop 38: NO (new taxes) [RLC: NO]
Prop 39*: NO (end tax loopholes on corporations, $1 billion/year increase) [RLC: NO]
Prop 40: YES (Referendum/veto of current redistricting plan) [RLC: NP]

*Out of principle, I will vote NO on Prop 39, however, I do want it to pass and it's extremely likely to do so. 

Other States:
Colorado Amendment 64 (2012) - YES (to legalize marijuana)
Washington Initiative 502 (2012) - YES (to decriminalize marijuana)
Oregon Measure 80 (2012) - YES (to legalize marijuana)
Massachusetts Question 2 (2012) - YES (to legalize medical marijuana)
Arkansas Issue 5 (2012) - YES (to legalize medical marijuana) 
Medical Marijuana initiative Grand Rapids, Mi.

North Carolina Amendment 1 (2012) - NO (to ban marriage equality) 
Maine Question 1 (2012) - YES (to legalize marriage equality)
Minnesota Same-Sex Marriage Amendment (2012) - NO (to ban marriage equality)
Maryland Question 6 (2012) - YES (to uphold marriage equality)
Washington Referendum 74 (2012) - YES (to legalize marriage equality)
 State Legislatures 

Note - there are dozens of "Liberty Candidates" lists, I have personally examined each candidate listed below, and feel they'd all make great citizen legislators and possibly Congressman/Senators in the future. 

Winners: (47)
Maine: Aaron Libby, Heather Sirocki, Ellie Espling, Deb Sanderson, David Johnson
California: Allan Mansoor, Jeff Gorell
Missouri: Paul Curtman
Rhode Island: Nick Kettle
Oklahoma: Charles Key, Nathan Dahm
South Dakota: Jon Hansen
South Carolina: Lee Bright, Kevin Bryant, Tom Davis, Danny Verdin
Louisiana: Joel Robideaux
New Jersey: Michael Doherty
Pennsylvania: Mike Folmer
Idaho: Lenore Barrett, Pete Nielsen, Shirley McKague, Monty Pearce
Wyoming: Kendell Kroeker
Colorado: Justin Everett
Minnesota: David FitzSimmons, Branden Petersen
Iowa:  Tom Shaw, Jason Schultz, Jake Highfill
Washington: Matthew Shea, Cary Condotta, Jason Overstreet
New Hampshire: Andy Sanborn, Tim Comerford, Guy Comtois, J.R. Hoell, Laura Jones, George Lambert, Keith Murphy, Laurence Rappaport, Lisa Scontsas, Kathleen Souza, Steve Vaillancourt, Mark Warden
Georgia: Charles Gregory
Vermont: Tom Burditt

Losers: 68
Maine: Beth O'Connor, Mike Wallace, John Jones, Matt Maloney, Kevin Casey, Sam Canders, Davian Akers, Gwen Tuttle, Sherman Hutchins, Roxy Hagerman, Tom Sarbanis
Massachusetts: Karin Rhoton
Montana: Tim Baldwin
Kentucky: Chris Hightower
Georgia: Carter Kessler
California: Todd Zink, Al Phillips, Chris Kolski, Jose Aguilar, Chris Norby, Phil Paule, Sherry Hodges
New Mexico: Robert Cain
Hawaii: Simon Russell
Michigan: Chad Dewey
Wisconsin: Scott Noble
South Carolina: Ryan Payne 
Oklahoma: Howard Houchen
Colorado: Ellyn Hilliard, Adam Ochs, Brian Vande Krol, Jon Fye
Minnesota: Melissa Valeriano, Adam Pace, Mark Stefan, Paul Tuschy, Nate Atkins, Andrew Ojeda, Brandon Carmack, Daniel Lipp, Carlos Conway, Ben Blomgren, John Quinn, Rick Karschnia
Iowa: Steve McCoy, Joe Corbin, Dave Edwards, Ryan Flood, Will Johnson
Washington: Sam Wilson, Tony Stephens, David Spring
New Hampshire: Anne Cartwright, Jenn Coffey, Paul Ingbretson, Robert Kingsbury, Fred Leonard, Paul Mirski, Kevin Reichard, Brian Seaworth, Lisa Scontsas, Tammy Simmons, Kyle Tasker, Norman Tregenza, Phil Greazzo
Tennessee: Thom Gray
North Dakota: Mike Peterson
Vermont: Dexter Lefavour

Non-Republicrats with a chance of victory:
  • Fred Horch (Maine) House-066 2 of 3, 32%
  • Fred Smith (Arkansas) House-050 - ELECTED
  • Jonathan Dedering (Wisconsin) lost 27%
  • Melissa Schlag (Connecticut) lost
  • Asher Platts (Maine) lost
  • Tom MacMillan (Maine) lost
  • Keiko Bonk (Hawaii) House-20 30%, 2 of 3
  • Scott Laugenaur (Massachusetts) lost
  • Peter Lavenia (New York) lost
  • Deb Shafto (Texas) lost
  • Karen Morian (Florida) House-12- 32%, 2 of 2
  • Raye Felder (South Carolina, Independent) - House 26 ELECTED
  • Nancy Argenziano (Florida, Independent Party) 034 - LOST
  • Lance Tyson (Illinois, Unity Party) 010 - LOST
  • Kathleen Curry (Colorado, Independent) - 061 lost
  • Margaret Melson (Delaware, Libertarian) 14 lost
  • Tim Menger (Colorado, Libertarian) 054 lost