Tuesday, October 23, 2012

My Endorsement List 2012

Gary Johnson/Judge James Gray (Libertarian)

Endorsed by Ron Paul

Kurt Bills - Minnesota (Klobuchar's Seat) (State Rep - 1 term) [Seat rating: Lean Democrat]
Barry Hinckley - Rhode Island (Whitehouse's Seat) [Seat rating: Safe Democrat]
Michael Baumgartner - Washington (Cantwell's Seat) [State Sen - 1 term) [Seat rating: Safe Democrat]

Considered: Connie Mack IV (R-FL), Denny Rehberg (R-MT, Ted Cruz (R-TX), Kevin Wade (R-DE)

Others (specified):
LBT=Libertarian, I=Independent, CON=Constitution, G=Green/Mountain
Texas: John Jay Myers (LBT) 
New Jersey: Ken Kaplan (LBT)
Tennessee: Dr. Shaun Crowell (LBT) - on ballot as independent-
Montana: Dan Cox (LBT)
Michigan: Scott Boman (LBT)
Pennsylvania: Rayburn Smith (LBT)
Missouri: Jonathan Dine (LBT)
Connecticut: Paul Passarelli (LBT)
Wisconsin: Joseph Kexel (LBT)
Vermont: Bernie Sanders (I)
Maine: Andrew Ian Dodge (LBT) - on ballot as Liberty -
Nebraska: Russell Anderson (I) - not on ballot -
Florida: Chris Borgia (I)
Mississippi: Thomas Cramer (CON)
Utah: Shaun McCausland (CON)
West Virginia: Mayor Bob Henry Baber (G)
Delaware: Andrew Groff (G)
Wyoming: Joel Otto (LBT) - on ballot as Country -
Ohio: Scott Rupert (I)

U.S. House

The thread that ties together the following candidates is a commitment to the Constitution of the United States, to an anti-war foreign policy (non-interventionist or isolationist) and a belief in personal liberty. Additionally, all of these candidates share a desire to reduce unnecessary spending and fix the debt.
Liberty Republicans:
Definition - A Republican with non-interventionist foreign policy, a civil libertarian and fiscal conservative.

Summary: (listed in order of likelihood of victory)
Ron Paul Coalition: Justin Amash, Thomas Massie, Ted Yoho, Kerry Bentivolio, John Koster, Art Robinson, John Dennis
Liberty Coalition: Raul Labrador, Tom McClintock, David Schweikert, Jimmy Duncan, Walter Jones, Randy Weber, Don Volaric, Roscoe Bartlett, Jessica Puente Bradshaw, Gregg Imus, Eric Knowles, Ron Bemis, Robyn Hamlin

Blue=endorsed by Paul
Ron Paul's Endorsements 2012

Justin Amash - Michigan's 3rd District (District rating: Safe Republican) [Michigan's 2nd District (1 term)]
Thomas Massie - Kentucky's 4th District (District rating: Safe Republican) [County Judge]
Steve Stockman - Texas' 36th District (District rating: Safe Republican) [Texas' 9th District (2 terms)]
Ted Yoho - Florida's 3rd District (District rating: Safe Republican)
Kerry Bentivolio - Michigan's 11th District (District rating: Lean Republican)
John Koster - Washington's 1st District (District rating: Tossup) [WA House (3 terms), Councilman]
Art Robinson - Oregon's 4th District (District rating: Lean Democrat)
Don Volaric - Michigan's 9th District (District rating: Lean Democrat)
John Dennis - California's 12th District (District rating: Safe Democrat)
Ron Bemis* - Washington's 7th District (District rating: Safe Democrat)
Robyn Hamlin - Missouri's 1st District (District rating: Safe Democrat)

Honorable mentions: Raul Labrador (District 1-Idaho), Tom McClintock (District 4-California), Randy Weber (District 14-Texas), Jimmy Duncan (District 2-Tenn) and Walter Jones (District 3-North Carolina), David Schweikert (District 6-Arizona), Markwayne Mullin (District 2-Oklahoma), Jessica Puente Bradshaw (District 34-Texas), Gregg Imus (District 8-California), Roscoe Bartlett (District 6-Maryland), Eric Knowles (District 3-Maryland), Gary King (District 1-Louisiana)

*Bemis is an independent, but ticked "favors the Republican party" in an attempt to unseat McDermott, one of the worst Dems in Washington D.C. 


Progressive Democrats: (no incumbents)
Mark Takano (District 41-California) [District rating: Lean Democrat]
Michael Williamson (District 42-California) [District rating: Safe Republican]
Alan Grayson (District 9-Florida) [District rating: Lean Democrat]
Kurt Haskell (District 7-Michigan) [District rating: Lean Republican]
Beto O'Rourke (District 16-Texas) [District rating: Lean Democrat]
Eric Swalwell (District 15-California) [District rating: Lean Swalwell]
Rob Zerban (District 1-Wisconsin, against Ryan) [District rating: Safe Republican]
Jim Graves (District 6-Minnesota, against Bachmann) (District rating: Tossup)
Jared Huffman (District 2-California) [District rating: Lean Democrat]
Wayne Powell (District 7-Virginia, against Cantor) [District rating: Safe Republican]
Manan Trivedi (District 6-Pennsylvania) [District rating: Lean Republican]

Minor parties and independents:
Tisha Casida (District 3-Colorado, Independent)
R.J. Harris (District 4-Oklahoma, Independent/Libertarian)
David Pangrac (District 3-Arkansas, Libertarian)

Eric Olson (District At Large-North Dakota, Libertarian)
Pat Martin (District 5-Oklahoma, Independent/Modern Whig)
Calen Fretts (District 1-Florida, Libertarian)
Rob Oates (District 1-Idaho, Libertarian)
Michael McDermott (District 3-New York, Libertarian)
Sean Stipe (District 9-Ohio, Libertarian) *running vs Joe the Plumber*
Mike Koffenberger (District 4-Pennsylvania, Libertarian) 
Ursula Rozum (District 24-New York, Green)
Cynthia McKinney (District 4-Georgia, Green) -write in-
Rebekah Kennedy (District 3-Arkansas, Green)
Steven Reynolds (District 1-Oregon, Libertarian/Progressive/Pacific Green)
Bill Bloomfield (District 33-California, Independent)

U.S. Governors:
LBT=Libertarian, I=Independent, CON=Constitution, G=Green/Mountain
Puerto Rico: Luis Fortuno (Pro-Statehood)
Vermont: Cris Ericson (US Marijuana)
Montana: Ronald Vandevander (LBT)
North Dakota: Roland Riemers (LBT) - on ballot as Independent -
Utah: Ken Larsen (LBT)
Delaware: Mark Andrew Perri (G)
Missouri: James Higgins (LBT)
West Virginia: David Moran (LBT)
Indiana: Rupert Boneham (LBT)
North Carolina: Barbara Howe (LBT)
Washington: James A. White (I) - write in -

Supreme Courts:
Washington: Position 9 - Richard B. Sanders (endorsed by Republican/Libertarian parties)
Minnesota: Position 1 - Dean Barkley (former Senator, Minnesota Independence party)

Other offices:
Steve Royal - North Carolina Treasurer (R, Paul supporter)

(parentheses explain what the measure is and what a YES vote means)
Ballot measures:
Prop 28: NO (change term limits)
Prop 29: NO (Increase tax on cigarettes)

California: (5 YES, 5 NO)
RLC=Republican Liberty Caucus
Prop 30: NO (new taxes) [RLC: NO]
Prop 31: NO (Two year budget cycle) [RLC: NO]
Prop 32: YES (Fighting Union/Labor power in CA Politics) [RLC: YES]
Prop 33: YES (Car insurance rates based on previous coverage) [RLC: YES]
Prop 34: YES (to abolish death penalty) [RLC: YES]
Prop 35: NO (to extend prohibition of human trafficking, extremely broad) [RLC: NO]
Prop 36: YES (Reforming the Three Strikes Law, saves $100million/year) [RLC: YES]
Prop 37: YES (Mandatory labeling of genetically-modified foods) [RLC: NO]
Prop 38: NO (new taxes) [RLC: NO]
Prop 39*: NO (end tax loopholes on corporations, $1 billion/year increase) [RLC: NO]
Prop 40: YES (Referendum/veto of current redistricting plan) [RLC: NP]

*Out of principle, I will vote NO on Prop 39, however, I do want it to pass and it's extremely likely to do so. 

Other States:
Colorado Amendment 64 (2012) - YES (to legalize marijuana)
Washington Initiative 502 (2012) - YES (to decriminalize marijuana)
Oregon Measure 80 (2012) - YES (to legalize marijuana)
Massachusetts Question 2 (2012) - YES (to legalize medical marijuana)
Arkansas Issue 5 (2012) - YES (to legalize medical marijuana) 
Medical Marijuana initiative Grand Rapids, Mi.

North Carolina Amendment 1 (2012) - NO (to ban marriage equality) 
Maine Question 1 (2012) - YES (to legalize marriage equality)
Minnesota Same-Sex Marriage Amendment (2012) - NO (to ban marriage equality)
Maryland Question 6 (2012) - YES (to uphold marriage equality)
Washington Referendum 74 (2012) - YES (to legalize marriage equality)
 State Legislatures

Note - there are dozens of "Liberty Candidates" lists, I have personally examined each candidate listed below, and feel they'd all make great citizen legislators and possibly Congressman/Senators in the future. 

Winners: (47)
Maine: Aaron Libby, Heather Sirocki, Ellie Espling, Deb Sanderson, David Johnson
California: Allan Mansoor, Jeff Gorell
Missouri: Paul Curtman
Rhode Island: Nick Kettle
Oklahoma: Charles Key, Nathan Dahm
South Dakota: Jon Hansen
South Carolina: Lee Bright, Kevin Bryant, Tom Davis, Danny Verdin
Louisiana: Joel Robideaux
New Jersey: Michael Doherty
Pennsylvania: Mike Folmer
Idaho: Lenore Barrett, Pete Nielsen, Shirley McKague, Monty Pearce
Wyoming: Kendell Kroeker
Colorado: Justin Everett
Minnesota: David FitzSimmons, Branden Petersen
Iowa:  Tom Shaw, Jason Schultz, Jake Highfill
Washington: Matthew Shea, Cary Condotta, Jason Overstreet
New Hampshire: Andy Sanborn, Tim Comerford, Guy Comtois, J.R. Hoell, Laura Jones, George Lambert, Keith Murphy, Laurence Rappaport, Lisa Scontsas, Kathleen Souza, Steve Vaillancourt, Mark Warden
Georgia: Charles Gregory
Vermont: Tom Burditt

Losers: 68
Maine: Beth O'Connor, Mike Wallace, John Jones, Matt Maloney, Kevin Casey, Sam Canders, Davian Akers, Gwen Tuttle, Sherman Hutchins, Roxy Hagerman, Tom Sarbanis
Massachusetts: Karin Rhoton
Montana: Tim Baldwin
Kentucky: Chris Hightower
Georgia: Carter Kessler
California: Todd Zink, Al Phillips, Chris Kolski, Jose Aguilar, Chris Norby, Phil Paule, Sherry Hodges
New Mexico: Robert Cain
Hawaii: Simon Russell
Michigan: Chad Dewey
Wisconsin: Scott Noble
South Carolina: Ryan Payne 
Oklahoma: Howard Houchen
Colorado: Ellyn Hilliard, Adam Ochs, Brian Vande Krol, Jon Fye
Minnesota: Melissa Valeriano, Adam Pace, Mark Stefan, Paul Tuschy, Nate Atkins, Andrew Ojeda, Brandon Carmack, Daniel Lipp, Carlos Conway, Ben Blomgren, John Quinn, Rick Karschnia
Iowa: Steve McCoy, Joe Corbin, Dave Edwards, Ryan Flood, Will Johnson
Washington: Sam Wilson, Tony Stephens, David Spring
New Hampshire: Anne Cartwright, Jenn Coffey, Paul Ingbretson, Robert Kingsbury, Fred Leonard, Paul Mirski, Kevin Reichard, Brian Seaworth, Lisa Scontsas, Tammy Simmons, Kyle Tasker, Norman Tregenza, Phil Greazzo
Tennessee: Thom Gray
North Dakota: Mike Peterson
Vermont: Dexter Lefavour

Non-Republicrats with a chance of victory:
  • Fred Horch (Maine) House-066 2 of 3, 32%
  • Fred Smith (Arkansas) House-050 - ELECTED
  • Jonathan Dedering (Wisconsin) lost 27%
  • Melissa Schlag (Connecticut) lost
  • Asher Platts (Maine) lost
  • Tom MacMillan (Maine) lost
  • Keiko Bonk (Hawaii) House-20 30%, 2 of 3
  • Scott Laugenaur (Massachusetts) lost
  • Peter Lavenia (New York) lost
  • Deb Shafto (Texas) lost
  • Karen Morian (Florida) House-12- 32%, 2 of 2
  • Raye Felder (South Carolina, Independent) - House 26 ELECTED
  • Nancy Argenziano (Florida, Independent Party) 034 - LOST
  • Lance Tyson (Illinois, Unity Party) 010 - LOST
  • Kathleen Curry (Colorado, Independent) - 061 lost
  • Margaret Melson (Delaware, Libertarian) 14 lost
  • Tim Menger (Colorado, Libertarian) 054 lost

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