Sunday, April 5, 2015

Aerys the Mad King, the Honorable, Brilliant and Fertile (CK2:AGOT Mod playthrough)

As many readers will already know, I'm a devoted fan of George R.R. Martin's A Song of Ice and Fire series and less so of the HBO series loosely based on that book series (A) Game of Thrones.

What some readers will not know is that I am also a passionate RTS gamer and that Crusader Kings II has a Game of Thrones mod that is extremely accurate in its portrayal of the ASOIAF mythos.

Previous campaigns:
King Stannis (Dragonstone)
Queen Daenerys (Qarth)
King Aegon VI
Lord Eddard Stark (Robert's Rebellion)
Prince Rhaegar Targaryen (Robert's Rebellion)
King Aegon the Conqueror (historical playthrough with events)
King Aegon the Conqueror (Side with Tyrosh but sabotage them, allowing Archon Honorio to take Tyrosh, and slowly but surely take Myr and Lys, conquer Westeros historically but without the events, do not convert to Faith of the Seven)
King Jaehaerys

Current campaign:
King Aerys the Mad (still alive as of this posting, well into my 60's)
Marriages: 4 (Sister-wife, Princess of Volantis, Daughter of Maegyr Freeholder,  17 y/o Velaryon)
Religion: Valyrian (temporary conversion, for wives in case Rhaegar or my sister-wife dies too early and also Volantene alliance) - return to the Seven after winning the war.
Children: 22 born, 9 legal/13 legitimized bastards
Notable children: Lord Paramount Rhaegar of the Riverlands, Viserys (married to Arianne, the heir to Dorne), Lord Paramount Orys of the Stormlands, King Jaekar of the Stepstones, Lord Aelor of Crackclaw Point (5 territories), Lady Paramount Jeyne of the Westerlands (born a bastard, married to Tyrion)
Notable grandchildren: Lord Paramount Aegon of the Vale, Lady Paramount Rhaenys (married to LP Renly Baratheon, LP Artys Corbray of the North)

 Robert's Rebellion:
Removed Rhaegar from the frontlines, hire mercenaries and march directly to meet Robert in the Stormlands. Defeat him there. Wait for the Reach armies to make there way to me, move our combined forces to defeat the Riverlanders and Valemen, wait for the Northerners to land, defeat them. Let the Reachmen attack various smaller armies in the Riverlands and send men to take Riverrun, the Eyrie, Winterfell, Storm's End. Dornishmen arrive to keep King's Landing safe, move Lewyn Martell off the field (he gets killed easily), many declare for me due to my victories. Jon Connington slays Robert. With many victories, Stannis surrenders. I affirm him as Lord Paramount of the Stormlands. Forgive most of the lesser lords and Eddard Stark, do not forgive the Vale or the Riverlands - leading to their independence, which is quashed. The Tullys are mostly killed, leaving young Edmure in charge. He surrenders. The Vale is defeated as well. The North decides to rebel, which the young Tully joins. The North is defeated with the Neck and Umbers siding with me. I send Eddard Stark to the Wall (like a smart King) and keep Catelyn Tully my hostage. I give the Blackfish Riverrun but withhold the Riverlands title from him. Stannis raises his banners and I move my armies once again to take him out. He loses (5 Kingdoms vs 1). I send him to the Wall and take the Stormlands from him as well. I leave Renly with Storm's End and betrothe him to Rhaenys. With this I bring peace to Westeros. Stannis eventually gains a command within the Night's Watch, as does Eddard Stark. Varys, once an ally ends up trying to assassinate me Kevan style - so I send him to the wall where he quickly rises up the ladder (he is Lord Commander as of right now).

Sister-wife dies of depression, Princess of Volantis made first-wife. Convert back to The Seven. Orys has been born at last. I develop my court and The Red Keep, slowly but surely expanding my realm. Eventually, after a series of conflicts my children and grandchildren gain their roles above.

To be continued.

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